Websites For Physicians

Concept Marketing Biz loves making websites for physicians, doctors, dentists, medical practices, house call doctors, and the rest!

Doctor Websites

Websites that are built to be informative, professional, allows patients to download registration forms, and/or see your location. It’s important that a physician’s website is simple, clear and to the point. Providing informative descriptions about their services, the patients they treat and their location.

Website Ideas For Physicians

We build websites for doctors of all shapes and sizes using the popular wordpress system and using a series of plugins that allows us to efficiently build your site just like you want it. We can register your domain name for you or use one that you already own. If you site is not built using wordpress we will need to re-build or convert your site to wordpress. It’s pretty powerful and a universal tool as far as web development is concerned.

Costs For A Doctor Website

Most physician websites can be created in about a week or two. Prices will vary depending on the type of site you want and how much work is involved. A website is built using a series of pages, posts, media (pictures and videos,) and functions. Simple websites will contain about 5 pages, a contact form, and will display your companies services, location(s) and contact information.

Sample Physician Sites:

Concierge Physician
We make websites for doctors, physicians, and medical groups.
  • Concierge Physician: Cholla Medical Group, located in Chandler, AZ. They do house calls to patients that live in their own homes, senior centers, elderly living centers or other types of assisted living facilities. Cholla ranks on page #1 for over 20 keywords in Arizona, Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe Etc. Such as “house call doctor tempe.” We’ve been working with Cholla Medical Group through our marketing network for a few months with a little less than a year left we can only imagine how far they will be when we’re done! We also created and maintain several social media accounts where we target locals using Arizona sports teams, popular local businesses and pages that should include several followers who may be potential patients, or who might refer a patient such as parents or grandparents who need home care.
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