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In the world of internet marketing Facebook is one of the preferred marketing tools for businesses worldwide. So what’s the big deal with Facebook and how can it actually help you’re business? Let’s bring some awareness to what the successful marketers are doing on Facebook:

Facebook business page example
An example of a clean, professional business page on Facebook.

First and foremost you must create the Facebook account, and you need to pay attention to how you create/register your business or brand on Facebook. The most common mistake when trying to promote something on Facebook is the way people are promoting.¬†For starters there is a difference between a personal Facebook page that is used for “social networking” and a business page. A personal page will allow you to network with other people using friend request, messages etc. A business page doesn’t allow you to send friend requests, instead you’re goal is to collect “followers” or “fans” that are looking for information about your brand, product, services etc.

Once you’ve created your personal page you will have the ability to toggle between which Facebook account you want to use; your personal account, or the page you made for your business. Remember that these two pages are separate and they will behave differently.

Be sure to “optimize” your Facebook account by providing as many details about your business or brand as possible. You will have the ability to create a personalized address for your Facebook’s business page (the default address for new business pages are typically numerical to start with,) provide your address (if any), contact information, images, profile picture and background images. Facebook will provide hints and tutorials as you go, be sure to pay attention to them. It’s very important that you take the time to optimize your Facebook page, especially in such a competitive internet marketing industry.

Once optimized, the business page will become more relevant to search engines like Google and Bing. In addition to your company website, the companies Facebook (and other social media pages) also have the ability to be listed in search results and can certainly help increase profits! In fact, social media has become a significant factor in the battle for search engine rankings for business owners. Consider that the more content you post to social media the more listings your business might own in a set of search results. (it means more traffic for your website, Facebook page, even for your other social media accounts!)

The next step is learning how to post and share content on from your business’ page to your it’s followers or fans. Learn more about all of the features that Facebook has to offer such as: adding links to your post, adding images, tagging other users or business pages in your posts, responding to comments, collecting reviews and ratings etc.

Again Facebook will provide a ton of information about their rules, regulations and promotional tools. Facebook also offers paid forms of marketing which will increase the exposure to your business’ page or posts. The paid marketing on Facebook (or any other entity for that matter) is an entirely different beast than using the free marketing methods. Long story short; save the paid stuff for another course, another day.

As you can see, promoting a Facebook business page requires nearly as much work as creating and promoting an entire website. There are multiple steps that need to be taken in order to optimize the content and receive the full benefit that Facebook has to offer as a marketing resource. There are several different theories and methods that could work when using Facebook, again that’s another story for another day.

This article should lead business owners in the right direction. We’ve often heard how companies are “using Facebook” already, however there is a HUGE difference between creating and actually using or promoting a Facebook page. Take the time to learn about the tools they offer and how they can be applied to your business or industry!

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