WordPress Website Concepts

We use WordPress for our website, and all of our customer websites, and we definitely suggest their services to anyone looking to build a website, upgrade their website, or blog(s). The systems provided by wordpress allows beginner, or expert users to create websites and blogs!

cms-joomla-wordpress-drupalAlthough a website will need a host and domain name to actually function, the most important part of the equation lies within the “files” that compose your website. These files tell your website how to work, what to do, etc. WordPress is one of many systems available for users to build a website, however it happens to be the most popular because of it’s easy to use features and it has the largest community of contributors that make free add-ons (aka plugins, widgets) for wordpress users.

With wordpress you can build a quick personal blog, a simple website with your businesses logo and contact information, or anything you can imagine! It’s that versatile! The add-ons we spoke about will provide functions for rookie users such as adding a shopping cart and products for sale. Collecting and storing leads or web inquiries etc.

There are two different sites for wordpress depending on the service you need. To build and host a free blog you would go to www.wordpress.com. If you wanted to build a complete websites, that contains a blog as well as anything else you would like then you can download the wordpress files for your site at www.wordpress.org

For more information about wordrpess, domain names, hosting, blogs, please fill out  the form below for a free consultation to learn more about wordpress and which of their system are right for you!

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