Starting A Drop Ship Business

Are you interested in starting a new business and not sure where to start? Consider starting a drop shipping business.

The concept will allow you to start and manage an entire retail based store without having to buy, store, and ship the merchandise!

Business owners and promoters love the drop shipping business model because it’s simple and affordable. Most businesses will need to purchase their inventory upfront, display and promote those products, and then package and ship each product themselves. The process can become costly, often times forcing businesses to close or go under with a single bad month. The drop ship business model allows the business owner to focus on selling and promoting rather than keeping inventory and distribution. Saving money, and time will provide higher success rates and profit potentials.

Large corporations that are fortunate enough to reach a mass distribution level are forced to spend THOUSANDS of dollars hiring and managing employees that work in warehouses and managing the tremendous inventories and fulfilling product orders. Rather than spending the time, money, and resources to manage and warehouse your own products drop shipping is a great alternative allowing you to be efficient with your time and money. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel and assume the massive costs to produce a profitable retail store!

Find your own drop shipper online by doing a simple Google search. There are thousands of options to choose from. Consider choosing a product or industry wit a niche, something you might have a little knowledge about so your able to break the ice. Each drop ship provider will have their own set of rules, guidelines, and set up processes. Do some homework and read reviews to learn more about your favorite providers and narrow your choices down!

Once you choose a drop shipper you will need to create a website to carry your inventory. Typically it’s your job to build your own website and set your own prices, a luxury that will allow you to have full control over your new business and profit potentials. Beware of drop shippers with too many rules or regulations as it can make your job harder! When designing or building a website consider where you will host the site (shared server, your own server, how much space will you need? etc.) Companies Like GoDaddy or 1 and 1 offer great hosting, domain name services, and website building services. Modern websites are typically template based and fairly user friendly if your familiar with the concepts of building or managing a website/blog. Our favorite system to build websites is WordPress, with more forums, plugins, and 3rd party developers than most platforms. WordPress gives the user each and every option you could want out of your website, FOR FREE!

Marketing your drop ship business becomes your only job since there’s no need to worry about production, distribution or inventory (thankfully!) Using modern tools such as social media, search engine marketing, review sites, auction sites and word of mouth will likely bring the highest returns on your investment. The digital marketing tools that are available to all of us are very powerful when you learn how to use them. Posting, tagging, hash tags, sharing, engaging everyone you possibly can about your business can be a full time job, be sure to pace yourself and pay attention to the results of your actions. If your posting on a forum that brings little to no results consider investing your time elsewhere, something that actually produces results!

If you’re interested in starting your own drop ship business, or any other internet business we are here to help! contact us to learn more bout our services and how we can help you build your business! We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for business owners and entrepreneurs, an account manager will actually call to speak with you and learn more about your business ideas, concepts, and goals. Concept Marketing Biz offers complete business services, fill out the application below to learn more about how we can help you start your own business!

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