How Do Websites Make Money?

Have you ever wondered how websites make money, or why internet business is such a hot topic, and has been a hot topic for the last decade or so?

How to make money onlineThere are many different ways a website can generate income, some websites are able to generate multiple streams of income! Here’s a few common ways that website owners are able to generate income from a website:

1) Marketing Space: Just like TV, magazines and radio a website has the ability to make money by selling, or renting “ad space” There are several variations and terminologies involved with internet ad space such as a banner, link, affiliate program, referral program etc. It’s all the same idea, you’re able to make money from people clicking on your ads, or using the link on your site to buy something from another site.

  • Affiliate Marketing Programs: Either through a company directly or an affiliate network such as
  • Get paid each time someone clicks on an advertisement you place on your website: Companies like Google offer programs such as Ad Sense which allows bloggers or website owners to earn money when their traffic click on a link or advertisement.
  • Selling “links” or other “space” on your website directly to another business or entity. In the world of internet marketing, especially search engine optimization, a website must receive links from from popular websites in order to become popular and earn a good ranking. Website owners can pay to receive these links and boos their search rankings which would result in more traffic and more profits for their online business.

2) Selling Products: We all know about e-commerce and shopping online. Although profit margins are typically smaller online than they are off line, many retail websites are able to generate a good income through internet orders. Often times an online store can “carry” thousands of items without actually having to “own” or “posses” those items such as a drop shipping program. 

3) Generate Leads: Have you ever been asked to submit your e-mail address, name, or other contact information online? Maybe signed up for a product giveaway or some sort of promotion? When you do, you’re typically requesting information about a product or service that you’re interested in. To be informed about specials, promotions, requesting more information etc. Many businesses rely on the leads that are generated from their website to generate large portions of their overall income. In fact, there are industries for people who would like to generate leads that will be re-sold to other business owners!

4) Websites also offer a value that can’t be measured with ease, but is worth a mention; modern consumers will likely check your website before showing up to your establishment. They will look to find your location, directions, contact information, the addresses for your social media accounts etc. Your website needs to be just as professional and impressive as your office, bar, restaurant or other storefront.

For more information about generating additional income from your website or blog, or if you would like to start your own internet based business CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!

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