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Just about every business in the world will need some form of graphics design, web design, printing or some other form of mixed media, especially when getting started.

Starting a new business is fun and exciting, most business owners love to choose their perfect logo, design the perfect website, business cards etc. Your business logo is the first thing customers see about your business, it’s the first step in building your brand. This article will explain some of chores involved with hiring, or outsourcing logo and design projects. You might be surprised at how costly and time consuming it might be to get everything just how you like it!

Which print, design or media projects will your new business need?

You should start with a plan and a budget that allows your business to acquire each of the design, products and services needed. Decide if you need digital graphics only, print media only or a combination of both. Think about where and why you need graphics. Will you need to display a menu for people to order food? Will you need to wrap your company van or vehicle with graphics? Will you need to create graphics for your social media profile pictures or background images? By planning our all the needs ahead of time you will avoid any distractions or “up-sells” for additional graphics, brochures, special cards etc. You might want to avoid some of these costly luxuries when starting a new business. The more you save the more you make!

After you’ve created your laundry list of graphic services for your business it’s time to start looking for a company that can fulfill your needs (assuming that your outsourcing these projects rather than doing it all yourself.) You will notice that certain companies will only provide graphic design work, some companies will only offer printing services, and certain companies are dedicated to providing specialty services only such as vinyl wrapping for company vehicles or storefronts. Your goal is to find the highest quality product/service that can be obtained for the least amount of money and resources. Ideally you would love to find a one stop shop that offers all of these services in an easy affordable bundle.

Try to get all of your start-up business services in one place, it will save time and money

You might walk into a print shop that offers business cards and fliers but learn about their graphic design services, web design, and vinyl wrapping services as well. This is rare, but would be quite the bonus. Most companies that offer these multiple services will be more than willing to offer bundled pricing and discounts. This allows you to reach your goal of producing the perfect logo, business cards,  website graphics, banners and or vinyl wraps in one convenient location.

It might be a challenge to find the perfect company to provide all of your services but you can compromise. Find a company that offers to handle the majority of the services you’ll need and then use a second or third company for the last pieces. For example:

The perfect example for getting all of your signs, banners, vinyl wraps, logos, and graphic design services at the best rates and with the least amount of time and energy:

pcp custom auto and graphic vinyl wraps
PCP custom auto offers all custom auto services but they also offer graphic design and business services for wrapping fleet vehicles, producing signs and banners, storefront wraps etc.

Perfect Circle Performance is a custom auto shop based in Phoenix Arizona. Although PCP custom auto offers all custom auto services but they also offer graphic design and business services for wrapping fleet vehicles, producing signs and banners, storefront wraps etc. Custom Auto is in the automotive industry offering custom fabrication and restoration services for hot rods etc. They have decided to expand their services for custom auto customization enthusiasts and include Custom Vehicle Wraps as part of their menu of modifications for local vehicle owners. Before long the guys at Perfect Circle Performance started offering their own graphic design services, vinyl wrapping for fleet and personal vehicles, they also print storefront window stickers for local companies in az, banners for events and booths etc.

Find a solution that saves you time and money for small business services.
vinyl wrapping, digital design, custom graphics, logos and print media for small business owners

So what’s the point? A business owner could approach PCP the custom automotive shop and actually walk away with logos, custom graphics, vinyl wraps printed and installed for their company vehicles, storefront vinyl and banners etc. Using PCPs menu of printing, wrapping and graphic services a business owner can consolidate the number of people and outsourced companies needed to meet their goals which will save them time and money. Since this method of generating income is secondary for a shop like PCP it’s going to cost you, the business owner, less money than approaching a “specialist” that’ll likely outsource most of your project anyways.

Before choosing a company or deciding to business with anyone you should take a look at the companies referrals and reviews. Ask them if they can provide samples and or testimonials for any work they’ve done. Often times when focusing on saving money a business owner might overlook the quality of someones work in favor of a lower price. This mistake will usually end up costing more money and more energy in the future. Any company that offers design, printing, graphics, web design or vinyl wrapping services should be able to provide plenty of sample of their work which will show you how good they are.

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