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Have you ever tried promoting a product based website? It’s challenging, but it’s a lot of fun!

This article will talk about some of the marketing tools that successful e-commerce stores are using, how you can benefit from these marketing tools, and which ones are the best.

For starters you must consider the industry and market that you’re e-commerce site is in.

What’s your niche? Who’s interested in your stuff, and where do people look for the items your selling? There are a surprising number of club, and “members” websites and internet communities that can drastically increase your e-commerce store’s exposure.

Study the top brand in your industry to see where they are selling, who they network with and so on. If their using a certain set of social media networks, retail stores, affiliate networks etc. then you might consider using those same tools for your brand! If the top brand is doing it then there must be a benefit!

Use Amazon and Ebay!

If you have  a product, or inventory that can be listed on auction and retail sites such as Amazon and or Ebay then you should be using these sites! Amazon and E-Bay are internet superhighways, listing your products for sale on these sites will certainly increase the number of people that can see what your offering!

In addition to Amazon and E-Bay there are several other high traffic, “consumer bargain” sites. These sites are popular because customers know they will be getting a great deal on what their looking for. Sites like Craigslist, Backpage, Groupon, or Retail Me Not have been the backbone for may successful small businesses. Most small businesses that are successful will tell you that these marketing tools work!

Often times the most successful forms of marketing for your business are obvious, and sometimes even free!

As consumers we know who we like to shop with, where, and why. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and consider what you would like to see from your favorite stores. Consider what you might do to find a store or retailer that carries an item your interested in purchasing.

If you take the time to re-create the ways you might find a store yourself then you might be able to better understand how to get traffic and customers to your own store. Most times people will use a search engine, or another consumer related site to find deals on the products they like.

The more the merrier! Internet marketing, especially when it comes to retail, is all about visibility. The more they see the more they buy. When marketing an e-commerce site it’s important to include all of the possible forms of marketing that you can think of.

Use the affiliate marketing concept:

There’s really no better form of marketing for a business than word of mouth. When someone refers your business to another person it means something, and it’s valuable. The affiliate marketing concept is the equivalent to word of mouth marketing for the internet.

If your e-commerce store offers an affiliate membership arena your users will be able to promote your products for you! The only time you have to pay them is when they generate sales for you.

Affiliate tracking systems will let you know which affiliate gets credit for which sale and how much you owe them. Modern affiliate programs are available to most business owners and will include most of the tools you need to build, manage, and promote an affiliate marketing system.

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