Marketing Tips For A Dropshipper

What you should know about promoting in the drop-ship industry:

The drop ship business concept is popular due to the passive workload associated with managing the operation. Ideally all you have to do is promote your products and make sales, the drop shipper will handle all of the fulfillment (packaging and shipping orders, returns etc.)

In order for a drop shipper to be successful you’ve got to know your product, your pricing structure and your competition. The goal is to promote your items to as many interested prospect as possible. Each industry is a little different, take some time to find the popular organizations in your niche, and any marketing tools that those popular agencies might be using.

Consider that a retail based store will have some obvious “super highways” where they can promote their items:

  • Google Search:
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • E-bay
  • Google Shop
  • Twitter etc…

Why should drop-ship businesses focus on selling with these super highways?

Because there are more potential buyers on these networks than any other place in the world! Amazon is all over the T.V., radio, internet, search engines, social media, magazines, emails, etc. Placing your products on their site is just like getting Wal-Mart to carry your product in the real world!

The same concept applies with places like Facebook, twitter, Google shop etc. Although some of these superhighways will require more “optimization” than others, your sure to get your products in front of potential buyer.

Niche Highways:

For some businesses and industries there will be “niche” sites that are like mini “super highways” and will provide an excellent marketing tool when looking for new customers. Consider finding clubs, memberships, and communities that are compiled of your target audiences. Using Google+ for example, a business owner can create a post and share that post to a community of 500k fashionistas that are always looking or great deals and selections.

Search Engine Marketing:

There are two main ways to get your listed with the search engines. Organic, and Paid. The organic way is free, but you will have to earn those listings. Paid listings will cost, the amount is determined by the number of hits you get and the budgets that you dictate.

The thing with drop-shipping to be cognizant of is the fact that most distributors will be working off the same data feed to get their products. This causes an issue when trying to promote organically because the search engines like UNIQUE content, and fresh content. Make sure that your are able to edit the titles, descriptions, and tags for your products if your willing to try organic search engine marketing.

Paid clicks will be a different story, the only requirement is that you pay for the traffic you receive. Regardless of whether or not those clicks result in conversions (sales.) Consider that an online store is quite a bit different than a storefront when it comes to sales. Customers that walk into your store are more likely to “convert” or buy something. Customers that find your website online will usually visit multiple sites before purchasing. This means you need to consider your “profits per conversion” and make sure that you are spending less money on clicks than what you make when a customer finally converts….

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