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flippa bannerDid you know that there is an online resource for buying and selling websites? It’s just like E-Bay but for businesses! Checkout Flippa users can sell their websites, domain names, blogs, etc. Registered users are able to place bids and ask questions about any business.

This is a great way to get a feel for what’s working online, and how internet investors pick a business apart to make sure it’s a good investment. You can browse through a selection of business types, or you can browse by what stage the business is in; profitable, start up, etc.

Users are allowed to ask questions about each business before bidding or buying. Most people who sell on flippa will reveal all the information about the business, how many hits it gets, the profits and losses for that business and what’s included.

You can find great deals on start up businesses or business projects that have outgrown the business owners. It’s common to find businesses with complete websites, custom graphics, ¬†email lists, current customers, social media followers etc. If your looking to start a new business this is an option that can help you get off the ground fast!

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