Make A Secondary Income Off Of Your Website

Commission Junction screen shot from google searchWe’ve all heard about the concept of generating incomes online, something passive, residual, some sort of start-up business or something along those lines. And why not? Online businesses tend to carry little to no overhead which means higher profit potentials. The internet also boasts the highest “reach” in comparison to any other marketing platform!

So what do you do once you’ve started your online business and the sales aren’t exactly rolling in? How do you get more traffic and turn more customers? It can be a tough battle! The answer is to supplement your websites revenue with second and third avenues if income! Using tools like affiliate marketing a website owner can generate an additional income without spending ¬†extra money, buying new products, expanding etc!

Companies like, GoDaddy, Best Buy, Staples, and countless others offer affiliate programs allowing websites owners to make a couple extra dollars for placing third party banners on their site. Typically you would like to promote a company offering products or services that supplement your own products or services.

Each affiliate pays differently, some offer small percentages, flat rates etc. Certain companies are looking to generate sales while others will pay you for generating a lead or an inquiry. Typically and affiliate will receive a unique link that’s used to track their referrals.

If your interested in promoting for multiple affiliate business’ or if you aren’t sure where to start consider visiting the best internet affiliate program out there! CJ stands for Commission Junction, it’s a company that actually houses HUNDREDS of businesses offering affiliate programs. Website owners and other affiliate marketers can create an account with and apply to promote for any of their affiliates! They offer just about every products, service or industry that you can imagine! New users will be able to choose the types of affiliates they would like to promote for and more!

Users can also choose to sign up for companies that offer independent affiliate programs. There are hundreds of options to choose from, here are a few you might want to look at!

Adult Affiliate

Clothing Affiliate

Wellness Affiliate 

Remember that adding affiliates are just one part of the equation. Typically a website that is already getting plenty of traffic are the ones that have the best chance to earn right quickly with affiliate marketing. Also consider that an affiliate is a small piece of your business, it’s likely that you might have hundreds of clicks on your affiliate links before someone actually buys.

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